At California Carnival Company
Fundraising is a community service second to none.

If you are looking for a way to bring family and community together, while at the same time raise thousands of dollars quickly and easily for your organization, California Carnival Company can help.

Over the years we have worked with various churches, clubs, charity groups, schools, soccer leagues, festivals, even shopping centers trying to attract more traffic for their tenets, helping them to raise thousands of dollars for their organizations. We can help your organization too!

Here's how it works:

Your organization will need to locate a piece of property that would be a good place to have a carnival, for example a school, a park, a shopping center or even a vacant lot. The property needs to be in a very visible, high traffic area, must have a drinkable water source and should be approximately 300 feet by 300 feet. We bring everything else.

Your organization will need to get the property owners permission allowing California Carnival Company to operate "your fundraiser" on their property. Also, depending on the area, you may need to get some local permits and/or licenses etc.

Once this has been completed we will need to pick a date and a contract is signed. California Carnival Company will then assign a marketing rep. to work with you for maximum advertising exposure. Just remember word of mouth works best, so talk it up.

For your work your organization will receive a percentage of the onsite gross carnival ride revenue. So remember the more people you get to your event the more money your organization will receive.

California Carnival Company operates in Northern and Central California only.    

If you are interested in more information or you want to have us for your next event please contact us at your earliest convenience, as our route fills quickly and there are limited dates available . We look forward to working with you.